Friday, 4 May 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 8/9

Its been a slow week for me painting due to work and late hours, but I managed to find some time to finish of the first pair from new half squad or Ork Boyz.  I decided to try out some new scheme changes to the Orks skin, new teething, boots and belts and new highlighting.  

For skin I continued with a Knarloc Green base layer, but covered with the new Biel-Tan Green shade, which I feel created a more realistic skin tone and depth the the previous Devalun Mud.  I then added a dry brush of Underhive Ash to bring out some highlights early, which I then re-washed with the Biel-Tan Green again.  This worked really well and brought out much more detail in the faces and arms than previously with the last half squad.  Next was a coat of milk consistency lighter Knarloc/Snot Green mixed 2:3:3 careful to only apply like a wide highlight.  Lastly the skin had finer highlights applied of Snot Green/Knarloc mixed 4:1:3.

The boots, belts and pockets had a new Citadel colour of Rhinox Hide.  The next layer was another new colour of Doombull Brown with little Rhinox Hide to tone it down mixed 4:2:3 which brought out the detail nicley.  Finally a highlight mix Doombull Brown/Calthan Brown and Rhinox Hide mixed 2:2:1:3 to create fine highlighting edges.

Below is a couple of early shots be the final basing, touchup and battle damage is added.
[images coming soon]

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